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four temperaments

The idea of four temperaments has for many centuries been proposed by psychologists, philosophers and other thinkers as a way to group and describe people with reasonable accuracy. Your temperament can be thought of as a general overview of your personality. Each temperament contains four personality types that are more similar to each other than they are the other personality types. If temperament is the "big picture" then personality type is the details.

Temperaments in the Population

Four Temperaments Population and Gender Chart
This chart represents an estimation of temperaments among the population and gender.
As mentioned in the personality theory article, your temperament can be identified by the strength of your preferences. If you prefer Sensing (S) and Perceiving (P), for example, your temperament would be SP (Creator).

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The Four Temperaments

A summary of each of the four temperaments along with common career matches and famous people is provided below.
SJ Protector Temperament Sensing (S) + Judging (J)

SJ - The "Protector"

Protectors (SJs) are dependable, altruistic and honest. They are driven by a strict work ethic and place a high premium on helping others and serving the community. Protectors are gifted leaders because of their natural ability to organize, plan and strategize. They thrive in situations where they know what is expected of them since they appreciate rules and structure.
Typical Career Matches: Police, Military, Accountant, Administrator, Judge
Famous SJ People: George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, Warren Buffet, Sam Walton, Harry Truman
Fictional SJ Characters: Lucy (Peanuts Comic), Leonard McCoy (Star Trek)
SP Creator Temperament Sensing (S) + Perceiving (P)

SP - The "Creator"

Creators (SPs) are naturally artistic, brave and adaptable. They appreciate the beauty in nature, fashion and decoration. Their adventurous nature makes them excitable, energetic and spontaneous. Driven by their curiosity and playfulness, Creators are willing to try almost anything. They are likable and popular as they love to tell a good story or joke.
Typical Career Matches: Musician, Pilot, Photographer, Detective, Paramedic, Athlete
Famous SP People: Barbara Streisand, Bill Clinton, Mozart, Michael Jordan, Jacqueline Kennedy
Fictional SP Characters: James Bond, Bart Simpson, Han Solo (Star Wars)
NT Intellectual Temperament Intuitive (N) + Thinking (T)

NT - The "Intellectual"

Intellectuals (NTs) are intelligent, independent and determined. They are high-achievers, driven not only to acquire but also to master large amounts of information. They are self-sufficient, logical and value reason. While Intellectuals have a desire to know everything, they also tend to question anything. Their keen interest in investigation and questioning make them great researchers and inventors.
Typical Career Matches: Engineer, Scientist, Psychologist, Lawyer, Inventor
Famous NT People: Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Margaret Thatcher, Socrates
Fictional NT Characters: Kramer (Seinfeld), Data (Star Trek), Gandalf (Lord of the Rings)
NF Visionary Temperament Intuitive (N) + Feeling (F)

NF - The "Visionary"

Visionaries (NFs) are empathetic, generous and original. They are caring individuals who are not only sensitive to the feelings of others but also very adept at identifying them. They are idealistic and are driven by values they deeply believe in and defend. Visionaries desire to understand themselves and to be understood for who they really are.
Typical Career Matches: Therapist, Social Worker, Teacher, Writer, Activist
Famous NF People: Albert Schweitzer, Princess Diana, Dr. Seuss, Martin Luther King Jr., Charles Dickens
Fictional NF Characters: Luke Skywalker (Star Wars), Anne of Green Gables, Tin Man (Wizard of Oz)
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